Can Enhance Contact

- Jan 26, 2018 -

LED downlight cover material is also divided into many species, iron, aluminum, die-casting and other materials, in general, iron downlight cheap, pure aluminum and die-casting and other materials more expensive, but more durable. Works with more iron for the downlight, but it is recommended home improvement downlight is not easy to rust the surface cover.

Down light lamp is a more important part of the lamp is the main material is ceramic. Reed inside is the most important, there are two kinds of copper and aluminum, a good brand of aluminum is used to do, and the spring is installed under the contact point, you can enhance the contact. The other is the lamp power cord, a good brand is the use of three-wire connection lamp (three lines that is FireWire, zero line, ground line), and some will bring the terminal, this is also a good way to distinguish between good brands and ordinary brands is a very basic method.

Reflector material: General sand cup and light cup two, the material is aluminum, aluminum will not change color, and the reflectivity is better. Some small manufacturers will use plastic spray to do, this process looks good new, but over time will be dim, or even black. Identification method is to look at the alignment of the cut, aluminum cutting is neat, spray the opposite.

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