Do A Good Job Of Fire Protection Of Distribution Lines

- Jan 29, 2018 -

Emergency lighting with the general term for lighting. Fire emergency lighting system, including emergency lighting emergency, emergency exit signs and lights, is the normal lighting power in the event of a fire cut off, guide the trapped evacuation or fire fighting and rescue operations set. However, in the daily inspection found that the unit in the fire emergency lighting selection, installation and use of the process there are many problems. Therefore, a reasonable choice of emergency lighting system power supply control methods, wiring, good routine maintenance, a direct impact on the fire emergency lighting system to play a role. In daily life, we should conduct regular checks, take preventive measures!

1. The characteristics of a variety of wiring methods to accurately grasp, so as not to blindly connect, can not play its due role;

2. If the emergency lighting as part of the usual lighting, should be used three-wire control connection.

3. For multi-storey public buildings, if there is no control center, emergency lighting in all parts can be controlled by three-wire connection with local switch control (single lamp or multi-lamp control) or centralized distribution box .

4. Fire control center project, in order to meet when the fire occurs, the control center can open the fire floor and related fire emergency lighting requirements.

1, in engineering design, in order to facilitate the usual maintenance and management, the best fire emergency lighting layer feeding power supply circuit with a dedicated.

2. In order to ensure the reliable and conditional power supply of fire emergency lighting power supply, it should be supplied by the low voltage emergency busbar section of the substation. That is, when the diesel generator is used as emergency power supply, as long as the generator is put into use, powered by.

3, in a fire state, less smoke near the ground, more oxygen, the evacuation of the instinctive reaction is bending over or prostrate forward, and thus local high-illumination than the high-level installation of uniform illumination is more effective. Low-level installations should therefore be promoted, ie emergency evacuation lighting should be provided near the ground or at ground level.

4, emergency lights are discharged state factory, before use must be charged for 20 hours before discharge.

5, the use of emergency lighting should be regular performance checks, every half month or month through a continuous switch test to check the circuit switching and battery emergency functions, and discharge to extend the battery life.

6, do a good job in the distribution line of fire protection, concealed when laid in the non-combustion body structure, the protective layer thickness of not less than 30mm; Ming Fu wear metal pipe, and outside the steel brush or use other fire retardant coating; Fire-resistant cable or fire-resistant cable, wire.

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