Energy Saving, Environmental Protection, Green Requirements

- Jan 29, 2018 -

 Home solar street lights are much concerned about the more people are more recognized channel, and the sales are amazing. For the solar street lights can meet the needs of rural areas, schools, development zones, municipal roads, no lighting, say scared! Design, LED line light R & D to produce the overall force. For non-lighting products mainly include solar lights, LED lights solar LED lights, traffic lights and so on. For the installation of solar street lights with the use of abundance Qi speak frightened La! Full technical support, there are any quality problems, at the same time there are a lot of solar street lights are different from the traditional light of the market.

LED line lamp lamp cooling technology, are generally used as the heat conduction plate, the Department of a thick copper plate thickness of 5 mm, in fact, is the average temperature of the board, the heat source is warm down; have installed heat sink heat, but the Department of Great weight. Weight street lamp system is very important, generally six meters high street lamp, if the risk is too heavy, especially in the face of typhoon, the earthquake may stir up unexpectedly. manufacturers have adopted the world's first pin-shaped heat sink technology, pin-shaped heat sink cooling efficiency than the traditional chip radiator has been greatly improved, you can make LED buried temperature lower than ordinary radiator above 15 ℃, and the folder Waterproof performance than the normal aluminum radiator friend, while the weight of the same volume have been improved.

solar power generation areas, solar street lamps have important position. Solar street lamp system uses "photovoltaic + storage can" generous form, is a typical independent solar power system. The sun sunshine Shaoguang photovoltaic cell power generation, battery charging, late battery discharge, to the lights scared  La! Can be electric. The typical solar street light system consists of a battery, a battery and a street light. The obvious characteristics of the channel are safety, environmental protection, energy saving, no need to lay complex pipelines, and no artificial execution. When it comes to speaking, we must have a question, the controller system ? I want to talk about this topic todayIn actual use, if the battery is not controlled, the charging method is not suitable, too much discharge will affect the battery is long D, for 咗 lower protection for the skin, in the most effective way to battery power generous, of course, All fair discharge.

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