Long-distance Projection And High-precision Optical System

- Jan 29, 2018 -

Digital imaging lamp or molding lamp, ellipsoidal spotlight. The traditional use of halogen lamps, due to heat, light source easily burn, low power consumption and other large defects, basically eliminated. Now digital imaging lamps are generally LED series, COB LED light source, it is an all-powerful versatile, in terms of color and brightness, almost ordinary incandescent, long-range projection and high-precision optical system, strong power may Bring twice as much flux.

Digital imaging lamp LED series is divided into 150W, 200W and 300W light source; color temperature 3200K and 5600K optional; color rendering index ≧ 92; 0 ~ 100% linear dimming; copper heat sink cooling. Choose from anywhere you want in the venue, with gentle or sharp images projected at any location on the show floor. The main features are slides that cut the spot into squares, diamonds, triangles and other shapes or project the desired A variety of patterns. All colors are more transparent, subtle changes in color can all be faithfully presented, uniform spot, clear cut, no stray borders. Used for the Grand Theater, large television stations, conferences and other occasions.

Digital imaging lamp LED series can be said that stage lighting is a big breakthrough, LEGO focus video lighting equipment engineering custom, are: LED digital imaging lamp series, LED conference lamp series, LED video flat-panel light series, LED Digital spotlight series, LED digital surface light series, LED sky light series, to prevent low-cost LED lights!

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